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Learn from the Apostle Paul’s example

the kinds of prayers that set off chain reactions – a cascade of changes from the heart outward.

Want your prayers to have multi long-lasting effects?

Are you yearning for significant heart change?

Are your prayer dry? Ineffective?

Are you constantly “putting out the same fires” over and over with your prayers?

The Apostle Paul’s prayers show us a better way.

Seven years ago as I was reading Ephesians – one of my favorite books, something caught my attention. The Apostle Paul prayed four prayers for the believers. They were short and to the point. But then he told the Ephesian Christians what would develop, over time, as a result of his prayers – wonderful, supernatural changes.

Now, God knows me inside and out (which is logical since He created me) and He knows that I cope best with complex and abstract ideas if I have a visual image to ground them.

As I explored the idea of prayers that create multiple results the picture of a domino string popped into my head. The image worked beautifully – it solidified the concept. But after writing a rough draft, I dropped the idea of domino prayers and went on to other projects. (I’d shared the idea with some friends and their enthusiasm was low. As a people pleaser, that doused my passion for the project)

Fast forward six years and I moved to Illinois to be close to family. In the packing, sorting, and downsizing process, I uncovered my old writing journals and stumbled across my domino draft. Some ideas (and story characters) persistently nag me – refusing to go quietly into oblivion. And, this time, the domino prayers idea was one of those.

But was the concept of domino prayers valid and worth pursuing? I wasn’t sure. A Bible study teacher read my rough draft. To my surprise, he said it needed a “wider audience”. Really?!

Shortly afterward my Facebook feed had an ad from TBN: they were looking for book projects.

Well that certainly qualified as a wider audience! I submitted three chapters (all I had completed) and waited. TBN offered me a contract. Which meant I had to complete the manuscript, go through the editing process, wait for the finished book.

Now, a year later, the book is available for purchase. It’s on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Or can be ordered through local bookstores (it’s in their catalog.)

It can also be ordered directly from me through my website ( at a slightly lower price.

Through the past year of “birthing” this book, I have frequently followed Paul’s example and prayed his four prayers for myself and those I love. More and more results are appearing in my life. Things–attitudes and values– are changing as Paul’s prayers work in me from the inside out.

My hope is that you find the same kind of awesome chain reactions occurring in your life as you pray these Ephesian prayers.


-Pastor Andrew Taylor
APT Foundation (planting churches in the far east.)

Ruth does a wonderful job of helping the reader push past the daily clutter that too often hinders us from breaking thru in prayer. She walks us thru expressions used by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians and shows us how to come into the fullness of all that God has in store for us. Not necessarily materially, but relationally – which at the end of the day, is what it’s all about! She cleverly uses the analogy / word picture of dominos to show the reader how to come into that place of completion, wholeness, and maturity in Christ. I was truly blessed, challenged and enriched by reviewing this work of hers! You will be too!

-Rev. Kathleen Neff
CrossRoads Ministries Founder

“We live in perilous times that are often disheartening, discouraging, and full of uncertainty. This book is and will be a wonderful addition to a collection of life-giving, sustaining and inspiring materials. It offers great insight into practical ways to overcome the obstacles of life as we press into more connecting and dependence on the Holy Spirit by the utilization of personal experience and scripture to develop not only the knowledge of “domino prayers” but the incorporating of these prayers into our daily lives, having our minds renewed by the washing of the Word (Ephesians 5:26). Ruth takes the reader along on her journey and it is a worth-while adventure. I pray you enjoy this book as much as I do!

Janet Keller Richards
author of “The Other Side of Visible” and “Unlocking Our Inheritance”

“This book is a creative study on the power of praying Paul’s majestic Ephesian prayers. As you meditate on Ruth’s unveiling of phrases like “Immeasurable greatness,” “Explosive power”, and “eyes of the imagination,” you will begin to get a picture of what is possible through these intercessions that come straight from the heart of God. Domino Prayers is designed to give you hope that as you pray, God will begin to act and accomplish on your behalf what He has promised.”